Going Green with Konica Minolta: Saving Money, Saving the Environment

go green power buttonWe are very proud to be a Konica Minolta Authorized Dealer. In addition to a top-quality product that we feel 100% confident in, we know we can stand behind a company that is always striving toward protecting the environment.

Several years ago, Konica Minolta started its Eco Vision 2050 environmental initiative. They are committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 80% over 2005 levels by 2050 and reducing pollutants throughout the life cycle of their products. This program impacts everything from the corporate offices to the manufacturing of their products to the products themselves.

How Do Environmental Initiatives Benefit You?

Cost-Free Recycling

To help you keep your recyclable materials out of the landfill, Konica Minolta offers Our Clean Planet, a cost-free recycling program for customers. Through the Our Clean Planet program, businesses can recycle toner cartridges, imaging units, waster toner bottles, developer, developer units and drums. Over 200 tons of material, 150,000 items, have been recycled by businesses through the program.

It is open to all sizes of businesses and organizations. For small businesses and even home offices, the program will provide you with UPS labels that can be affixed to your consumable’s box and shipped at no cast to you. If you are with a mid-sized business, recycling boxes can be provided that hold 10-15 consumable items per box.

Join the Our Clean Planet program and begin recycling your consumables.

Green Products & Electronics Save You Money

You may not think much about the technology that goes into manufacturing and engineering the toner your copier or multi-function printer uses. Using advanced technology, Konica Minolta has created its exclusive Simitri HD toner with significant environment advantages. The toner is formulated with biomass plant-based materials and requires one-third less toner to create an image than ordinary toners. It also fuses to paper at lower temperatures, which means it generates less heat and requires less energy. For businesses, this means you are not using as much toner or electricity, saving you money.

All of Konica Minolta’s multi-function printers are Energy Star Certified and many have achieved elite Gold or Silver stats on the U.S. Government’s EPEAT registry for energy efficiency. Having an energy-efficient multi-function printer or copier in your office will help you reduce your electricity costs. If you are considering upgrading your old printer or copier, you will want to take a look at Konica Minolta’s Eco Calculator. You can input your current system and the system you are thinking of purchasing and see what your projected energy savings will be.

Finally, managed print services can help your company reduce costs while helping the environment. Our staff can help you analyze your current workflow and find ways to streamline your operations. Once optimized, you will find that your company saves energy, paper and print costs.

If you are a business owner in Canton, Akron, Youngstown or Western Pennsylvania, contact us to find out how we can help you save money and save the environment at the same time.

Connect Your Konica Minolta Printer or Copier to the Cloud

connect your copier to the cloudThe cloud offers numerous benefits to businesses, allowing the workforce to be more mobile and documents to be more accessible. Previously, we discussed what the cloud is, so today we are going to take a look at how you can connect your Konica Minolta bizhub multi-function printer or copier to the cloud.

bizhub Connector Software & Apps

Konica Minolta bizhub multi-function printers (MFPs) can connect to the cloud through applications and software utilizing bizhub Connector. This allows you to access cloud services such as Google Drive, Gmail, Evernote, Microsoft SharePoint server and more from your MFP’s control panel. Through the direct connection with these services, your business has access to powerful document-scanning and printing capabilities.

A few of these abilities include scanning to the cloud, direct printing from the cloud and single sign-on.

Scanning to the Cloud
While at your office MFP, your staff can scan a document directly to cloud services or the Microsoft SharePoint server, skipping the step of having to save it somewhere else and then uploading it to the cloud.

Printing from the Cloud
Instead of having to always send documents to the MFP from an individual computer, users can retrieve their document directly on the MFP’s control panel and print.

Single Sign-On
With so many different usernames and passwords to remember for various online services, who needs one more? Implementing single sign-on allows you to link the MFP login credentials to a user’s cloud computing credentials.

PageScope Mobile App

Take cloud mobility and efficiency a step further with the free PageScope Mobile app. This helpful printing app allows you to connect you iPhone, iPad or Android device with your bizhub printer and the cloudConnect employees to your compatible bizhub MFP through a QR code that can be scanned by the app. They can then print files, scan documents, read email messages, and upload and download data to the cloud through the app. If an employee is out in the field, they would be able to retrieve and print a document on the go. In addition to convenient printing capabilities, you can also choose professional finishing options right from your mobile device, such as duplex, collate, punch, offset, staple, monochrome and input tray features on compatible equipment.

Both the bizhub Connector software and applications and PageScope Mobile app extend the capabilities of your Konica Minolta bizhub multi-function printer, making your workforce more efficient and productive. Contact us to find out how to have this technology installed and implemented for your business.