5 Common Printer and Copier Issues and How to Fix Them

Easy Fixes for Common Copier IssuesGraphic Enterprises is always here to help with your Konica Minolta printer or copier—I know how important productivity is to your business! But before you call for service, there may be an easy fix that can get your office back up and running in no time.

Who better than Regional Service Manager Ed Brudzinski to provide some simple fixes that can correct these 5 common printer and copier issues. Ed has been with us for the past 14 years, working with our South Team that includes the Canton, Dover and Coshocton territories. It is his job to ensure top-notch equipment performance and customer satisfaction.

He helps technicians take care of their customers by providing them with the necessary training, parts and technical support they need. He is also always looking for ways to further develop his team so that they can respond to customers in the most timely, efficient manner possible. His dedication has paid off in the form of long-standing industry recognition: Graphic Enterprises has achieved Konica Minolta’s ProTech Award for 25 years and counting!

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