An Ode to the bizhub Printer & Copier

“Love what you do and do what you love.” — Ray Bradbury
get the bizhub feeling

We love what we do and we love our products! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Chip Reihl, Graphic Enterprises’ General Manager of Sales (a.k.a “The Catalyst”), wrote this ode to the Konica Minolta bizhub printer and copier. You can sing it in your head like Goose and Maverick to the tune of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” as you read it.


I’ve Got That bizhub Feeling

It won’t make a page anymore when I click to print
And when I call for service the dispatchers don’t get the hint
I’m trying hard not to show it, (baby).
But baby, baby I know it…

I’ve got that upgrade feeling,
Whoa, that upgrade feeling,
I’ve got that upgrade feeling,
Now it’s on…on…on…wooooooh.

Now there’s a welcome in the office
when I called for you.
And now you’re starting to improve little things I do.
It makes me just feel like crying, (baby).
‘Cause baby, something is flying

You brought that bizhub feeling,
Whoa, that bizhub feeling,
You’ve brought that bizhub’ feeling,
Now it’s on…on…on…woooooah

Baby, baby, I can scan and fax on it too.
We’re so productive we don’t know what to do, yeah.
We had a hunk…of junk…junk you don’t find everyday.

Graphic took that piece of junk away….

Graphic (graphic), Graphic (graphic),
I say you lease…lease,
Lease a bizhub (lease a bizhub),
You need a bizhub (you need a bizhub),
So bring it on back (So bring it on back),
Bring it on back (so bring it on back).

Bring back that bizhub feeling,
Whoa, that bizhub feeling
Bring back that bizhub feeling,
‘Cause it’s on…on…on,
and I can go on,

Bring back that bizhub’ feeling,
Whoa, that bizhub’ feeling
Bring back that bizhub’ feeling,
‘Cause it’s on…on…

Do you have that bizhub feeling?

Recognizing the Accomplishments of Amazing Teachers

Mrs. Jacki Power, Graphic Enterprises Teacher of the MonthThe kids have headed back to school and so have we! Teachers are often unsung heroes, which is why we started the Graphic Enterprises Teacher of the Month program this past year. Each month, October through May, we recognize one educator in the Canton City School District and one in the Champion Local School District. The great part of this program is that the teachers are nominated by their peers, the people in the schools that see their excellence on a daily basis.

Denise Dennewitz, our marketing director, recently had the pleasure of going to the schools and surprising our first two Teachers of the Month for 2013-2014. It’s a rewarding experience to go into the classroom by surprise and present the award to the teacher. In addition to the award, we present the teacher with a banner, prize package and recognize them on our website, social media and radio stations in their school district.

Without further ado, our first Teacher of the Month in the Canton City School District for 2013-2014 was Mrs. Jacki Power.

Mrs. Jacki Power, Canton City Schools

Mrs. Jacki Power is an energetic, hardworking teacher at Timken High School in Canton, OH. She is always eager and willing to pitch in and support any activity, project, or initiative on campus. In addition to teaching three levels of Broadcast Media, she serves on the Homecoming Dance Committee, PBIS Committee, as Skills USA co-advisor and is the producer for Channel 11 TV. She is a great role model and mentor to all students, but especially her Broadcast Media students.

Mrs. Power received her Bachelor of Science degree in broadcast journalism and her CTE Teaching License from Kent State University. She is currently working on her master’s in education in curriculum and instruction, with a concentration in education technology and on-line learning.

Jacki Power, Graphic Enterprises Teacher of the Month

Thank you Mrs. Power for being an outstanding educator, inspiring and touching the lives of the students at Timken High School!

Banners for Our Troops at Brimfield Veteran’s Parade

Veterans Marching in the Brimfield Veteran's ParadeFive years ago, buses of U.S. Army Reserve troops drove past our building on their way to deployment. The men and women who serve, and have served, in our military make many personal sacrifices in their service to our country. We thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice, if we knew when they were being deployed, to stand out there and hold banners and flags so those troops knew they had our support?”

This was the birth of our Banners for Our Troops program. Through this program we have been able to print and provide more than 200 banners, at no charge, to military families welcoming their loved ones home from service.

Recently, we became aware of the Veteran’s Parade being planned by Brimfield Police Department’s well-known Chief David Oliver. Again, we thought what a perfect opportunity to show our support and love for those who have given up so much to serve our country.

Banners for Our Troops at the Brimfield Veteran's ParadeDenise Dennewitz, our marketing director, contacted Chief Oliver to see if they would be interested in passing out banners to the military families in attendance. The Chief was excited by the offer and the rest, as they say, is history.

Parade day was damp and rainy, but it didn’t stop 300 veterans and more than 1,000 spectators from attending. Members of the Graphic Enterprises team attended the parade and passed out more than 300 “Welcome Home” banners. It was a truly moving experience. An article about the parade in the Akron Beacon Journal mentions how many veterans of the Vietnam era did not receive warm welcomes when they returned home from service. Their inclusion in this parade allowed us to show our gratitude for their sacrifice so many years ago.

You can see more photos of the parade on the Brimfield Police Department’s Facebook page and read the comments of those who attended, including the post below. You may want to grab a tissue and plan on attending the parade next year! We’ll be there again, with banners in tow to recognize this area’s deserving military personnel.


Do you have a family member or neighbor returning home from military service? If so, visit our Banners for Our Troops information page and learn how you can welcome them home with a free banner from Graphic Enterprises.

Graphic Enterprises’ Employees Make a Difference With Wishes Can Happen

wishes can happenAt Graphic Enterprises, we care about the health and welfare of our employees, as well as our community, and we seek ways in which we can give back. For the past two years we have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a sponsor of the Annual AultCare Wish-a-Thon benefiting a great local organization, Wishes Can Happen.

Wishes Can Happen grants wishes for Ohio children and young adults with serious and life-limiting medical conditions. It is an all-volunteer organization, supported entirely on donations, and 100 percent of the proceeds go straight to the kids and their families! They have been able to grant more than 1,000 wishes in the past 30 years.

I was able to take to the airwaves from the site of the event on both News-Talk 1480 WHBC and Mix 94.1 to help promote this wonderful organization and encourage others to lend their support. One of the amazing things about this organization is that you can see the impact of your donation almost immediately.

Brian Frank speaking on 1480 WHBC at Wishes Can Happen Wish-a-Thon

Just before it was my time to speak on the radio, a little girl and her brothers spoke about their Wishes Can Happen experience. Her wish was to meet the Disney Princesses. Wishes Can Happen sent a limo to their home, took them to the airport, flew them to Orlando and provided a week-long stay at a Disney resort. The little girl was most excited about getting a “tattoo,” and the boys were excited about getting to eat ice cream for breakfast. A child with a terminal illness impacts the entire family in so many ways. Through our corporate support, and that of others, we were able to help this family make some really nice memories!

In addition to giving to Wishes Can Happen as an event sponsor, Graphic Enterprises’ amazing employees gave $245 in spare change. We are so proud and thank them for their generosity!

We look forward to participating in this fantastic event next year and making more wishes come true for children and young adults in Ohio.

Guest Bartending Match-up Helps Children With Special Needs

On May 8 at Legends Sports Pub & Grille in Green when Marketing Director Denise Dennewitz and I tried our hand at guest bartending for a worthy cause. This is one battle where there were only winners! Our efforts helped raise funds for the Akron Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs. In cooperation with the Akron Area YMCA, the camp offers children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to experience all the friendship, fun and excitement of camp.

Denise and I put our bartending skills to the test from 6 to 8 p.m., with all of the tips from our friendly competition going to the children’s camp. No matter who won the match-up, the real winners will be the children who will get to go to camp as a result. The Akron Rotary Camp is American Camp Association (ACA) accredited and provides a nurturing and enriching atmosphere where campers develop relationships, skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

Rotary President Bill Manby Jr. says the facility now serves nearly 2,000 children through summer camping experiences, and also offers year-round respite programs and family advocacy programs. No one is turned away for the inability to pay. He expressed his gratitude for the willingness of local businesses to contribute to a cause that makes a positive impact on so many people.

“The Rotary Club of Akron cannot thank Legends and GEI enough for taking their time to benefit our camp,” Manby says. “This is a shining example of the growth and awareness of this camp and everyone it benefits. It highlights how special and giving our members and the people they associate and do business with are to this community.”

Giving back to the community has always been a part of our mission here at Graphic Enterprises, and we are grateful for this opportunity to help support such a worthy cause.

Graphic Enterprises Presents Teacher of the Month Award

Diehl_no1WEBHere at Graphic Enterprises, we love teachers! We admire them for working tirelessly each day to educate our children and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges. We also appreciate how they motivate their students and provide them with positive role models.

To show our appreciation, Denise Dennewitz, our marketing director, recently had the pleasure of presenting the first Graphic Enterprises Office Solutions Teacher of the Month award to Mrs. Sharon Diehl, second grade teacher at Champion Central Elementary School in Warren, OH.

Mrs. Diehl has been teaching for 35 years and is still the most requested teacher, a testament to her dedication to her students. Her principal says she is a high-quality teacher who goes out of her way to reach each and every student. She is also very organized, a trait that she teaches to her students, and is often described as sweet and loving.

Diehl_giftbagWEBDenise presented a surprised and honored Mrs. Diehl with flowers, a balloon, a banner, and a GEI/Konica Minolta swag bag to commemorate the event. Her 22 students were so well behaved and appreciated the “Color Me Green” Konica Minolta coloring books and crayons they received as well. When Mrs. Diehl asked the class to read the banner she received, Denise said she thought “congratulations” might be a big word for second graders, but they had no trouble, shouting in unison, “Congratulations Mrs. Diehl!”

The kids also loved the cookies donated by the local Sparkle Market. Denise told them to listen for their teacher’s name on Youngstown Hot101 radio station and to look for her name in the local newspaper. One little boy proclaimed, “Mrs. Diehl, you’re going to be chip_diehlWEBfamous!”

To top it all off, Mrs. Diehl said she uses our Konica Minolta copier all the time and loves it! What a rewarding experience for all involved. We plan to continue our Teacher of the Month program each school year, recognizing a different teacher October through May with the cooperation of the school.

Once again, we applaud you, Mrs. Diehl!