How Managed Print Services Can Save You Money

Managed Print Services ProductivityThe typical office spends thousands of dollars each year on printing, copying, faxing and filing documents. Are your resources being used efficiently? A print assessment by Graphic Enterprises’ Managed Print Services department can help you identify areas of improvement that could result in sizable monetary savings.

Managed Print Services Specialist Noelle Frank has a knack for understanding client needs and suggesting the best way to manage a company’s printer costs and maintenance. She has helped multiple businesses in Canton, Akron, Youngstown and Western Pennsylvania attain a better perspective of their printing needs—and saved them money in the process. Here is how. Read more

Our Best Printer and Copier Tips from 2013

printer and copier tips and tricksWe try to provide you with helpful articles containing tips and tricks for your printer or copier throughout the year. These helpful hints might be on how to complete easy fixes yourself, ways to save your company money, or how to get more from your copier or printer. Sure, we can sell you a great printer or copier, but we also want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Your success is our success!

As we look back at the year, we decided to put our best tips together for you in one spot. Click on the article titles for the full blog post. We hope you find these helpful and look forward to bringing you more helpful hints in 2014.

How to Extend the Life of Your Printer Cartridges

Bad habits that you may not realize you have can affect the life of your printer cartridges. From printing everything in color to specifying how much toner to use when printing can all cost you money unnecessarily. Break free from printer cartridge excesses by only printing what you need, using black-and-white or grayscale printing, and buying high-capacity toner cartridges.

5 Common Printer and Copier Issues and How to Fix Them

Our regional services manager, Ed Brudzinksi, has seen many printer and copier issues in his 14 years with us. He brings you the five most common and simple printer and copier issues and how to fix them. I am sure you have run into at least one of these! Issues covered in this post include: misfed or skewed copies, lined or dirty copies, fax issues, error codes, and printing and scanning issues. Read the full post for step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot these yourself.

3 Features You May Not Realize Are Available on Your Copier

Printers and copiers today are not what they were even five or 10 years ago. There are so many features and options available that it can become a little overwhelming. Chip Reihl, our general manager of sales, explains three features that can help your office work more effectively and efficiently. He takes a look at the mobile printing app, secure print and new scan formats. Read the full post for complete details on each feature and to find out how they can help your company.

How to Create and Print Your Company’s Holiday Cards and Invitations In-House

This post is great because the same process and principles can be applied to create any card or invitation in-house for your company. Cards and invitations can become a large expense for companies, whether you design them in-house or work with a graphic designer. Why not print them in-house on equipment that you own? Denise Dennewitz, our marketing director, shares her expertise with step-by-step instructions on how to use Microsoft Publisher and your multi-function printer to create holiday cards and invitations with a professional look.

If there is a problem you would like help troubleshooting, a feature of your copier you would like to learn more, about or another printer or copier topic you would like to see us cover in 2014, let us know in the comments below!

How to Extend the Life of Your Printer Cartridges

Change Your Printer Cartridge LessStop right there! You may be abusing your printer cartridges without even knowing it. From how much toner you specify when printing, to printing out everything in color, bad habits can significantly impact your cost per copy—and your bottom line. As business owners, saving money is something we all want to do on a regular basis.

How Bad Habits Affect Print Costs

It is a proven fact that printer cartridges are easily abused, and you may not even realize that you are a culprit. Depending on how much toner/ink you specify for a copy, i.e. what resolution you choose, you can shorten the life of the cartridge. If you look at a toner package, it gives a yield number based on how many prints you should get out of the cartridge. This is based on a 5 percent fill rate, which means there will be 5 percent toner on a single copy.

It is mathematical. For example, toner for an HP printer at one of the major office supply stores costs $147.99. That toner yields up to 6,000 pages. $147.99 divided by 6,000 equals .024665 cents per copy (which is outrageous, but more on that later). If you specify a higher rate of toner per page, you may only get 4,000 prints out of that cartridge. That brings the cost per copy up to .0369975—even more outrageous!

How to Break Free From Printer Cartridge Excesses

Perhaps you print anything and everything, or you tend to print everything in color. No matter what bad habits you have developed, rest assured that you can turn things around.

Only print what you need. This sounds simple, but it can be hard to do. Think before you print and decide if you will really need to reference a hard copy of that email.
Use black and white or grayscale printing. If you print in color to better see that chart or pie graph, using grayscale printing provides enough shade variation to see the distinct categories.
Buy high-capacity toners. Not only will you get more copies per cartridge, but you also will not have to change the toner as often.

Finally, consider managed print services for all your printer and copier needs. Here at Graphic Enterprises, we base our contracts on cost per copy, which varies per account depending on the type of printer or copier, and print volume. On average, the cost per copy for a managed print service contract is between .012-.016. That is much more affordable than in my example above!

When you consider that service and maintenance also is included in managed print service contracts, you will see why they are a popular choice among our customers. If you are a business owner in Canton, Akron, Youngstown or Western Pennsylvania, we can help you, too. Contact us today!

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Five Biggest Sources of Copier and Printer Waste

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Everywhere I go I see this popular mantra on bags, boxes, signs and more. It is a good thing to remember, and it even applies to printers and copiers. Unfortunately, I think many companies miss out on the savings they could realize with office equipment if they would only examine and, more importantly, eliminate common sources of waste.

In this blog post, I have  invited Noelle Frank, our managed print services specialist, to give you some tips on identifying where you can conserve.

How to save money with your copier or printer


If you’re like most, you may be calculating only the hard costs associated with your organization’s printer and copier units, such as toner, maintenance kits and paper. But there are many other types of costs to think about when trying to determine total spending.

Have you considered:

  • Your “soft costs”? These would include the value of the time you or another employee spends on fixing a printer, as well as the expense of outsourcing maintenance when necessary.
  • How many people in your office have their own printer and how much are they printing? It turns out that certain types printers are more expensive to operate and service than copiers, and printing high-volume projects may be costing you a bundle.
  • Inkjet printer expenses? At some point, you may have purchased an inkjet, thinking you were getting a good deal, but you will probably pay hundreds or even thousands over the course of its life for ink cartridges.
  • Your fill rate? This term refers to the amount of toner used on a page, which varies, of course. When you buy toner from the store, you will notice that you should get a 10,000-page volume yield based on a 5% fill rate (about a seven-sentence paragraph) out of that toner. If you are printing out more than a paragraph (likely!), then you will get less than 10,000 prints and need to replace the toner sooner than you thought.
  • Your cost per page? Here is an example. The cost of HP 4000 toner cartridge is about $170, and it promises to deliver 10,000 prints (at that 5% fill rate). That amounts to $0.017 per page to print. But if you are putting more toner on a page, you may only get a yield of 7,000, which costs $0.024 per page. Over the course of time, that adds up.

There are several ways to reduce your costs, based on these key five key areas.

  1. Get rid of any inkjet printers you may have. Based on the cost of the ink, they really are not cost efficient.
  2. Outsource big print jobs, especially if you do not have a high-volume printer in house.
  3. Look into buying or leasing a newer, more efficient all-in-one printer that provides money-saving features like page review, so you can check what you’re going to print out before the machine makes 100 copies.
  4. Consider managed print services (MPS). Simply put, this program is intended to help an organization with a large fleet of printers to manage the volume of documents and minimize the costs associated with them. It is all about saving time and money. With MPS, your printer dealer should provide a thorough print audit to reveal areas of inefficiency with a fleet and then map out a plan for improving performance (and your bottom line).

If you manage a business, school or church in Canton, North Canton, Akron, Youngstown and beyond, contact me for more information about eliminating waste with copiers and printers. Together, I know we can save your company money.

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